Vector Despicable Me Costume

Create Your Own Vector Costume

Dress up as Vector, one of the supervillains from the Despicable Me movies and spend the night pointing a makeshift pirana gun at your friends (and explaining why you chose the villain name Vector).

The DIY Vector Costume

Who is Vector?

Vector is actually the son of the owner of The Bank of Evil, Mr Perkins and his real name is Victor Perkins… which kind of makes the name Vector make more sense. His dastardly deeds included stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza and then foiling Gru’s plans to steal the Moon!

Creating a Vector Costume

To get Vector’s signature look, you will want to wear his trademark vintage-styled orange tracksuit and some white sneakers. You might want to add your own collar to the tracksuit top and pop your own orange stripes onto white trainers to make sure you get the look absolutely perfect.

You can actually purchase a Vector mask which has all the features of this spoiled, rich, arrogant character – including his glasses and evil facial expression.

But if you don’t like to wear masks (especially if you’re headed to a Halloween party), you may want to opt for a brown bowl cut wig and some nerdy spectacles instead. Afterall, drinking through a mask can be very tricky!

Group Costume Idea: Vector, Mr Perkins and Gru Halloween Costume

Get the gang together to create a mass Despicable Me dress up team! Vector and his dad, Mr Perkins would not be complete without Gru – since they all used to be allies in the beginning. A Mr Perkins costume would perhaps need a little body padding to go under his sharp suit and you would definitely need a wig to recreate his wacky hair. If you want to dress up as good old Felonius Gru, then check out our guide here.