This Halloween, you need an Evil Purple Minion Costume!

If you are thinking about a Despicable Me or minion themed Halloween, then the evil purple minion costume should be at the top of your list.

The whole point of dressing up in a costume on Halloween is to be a monster, to be evil and scary. That is why a purple minion costume should be your first choice – these are evil mutated versions of the family favorite, yellow minions. Plus, the purple minions are often forgotten as a costume choice yet are recognized by all – ensuring you will have a unique costume that everyone will think is genius!

What is a Purple Minion?

The purple minions are the Evil Minions in the Despicable Me movie series. They are the result of the yellow minions becoming infected with a virus! When PX41 serum enters a yellow minion’s bloodstream, it causes a mutation that turns the once friendly and cute yellow minions into an evil, ugly purple minion.
The mutation causes the skin to turn purple and the body to grow long, dangly and extremely hairy limbs. The infected minion’s hair turns purple and gets messy and wild. The teeth become sharp and crooked completing the ugly and evil look.
The purple minions can’t talk, they are wild creatures and they just snarl, growl or roar. To get into your role you will need to remember all this information when you are in your costume! This would not be the best costume choice for someone who likes to talk a lot – maybe try being a chatterbox yellow minion!

Although looking rather gormless and mindless, the purple minions are dangerous! They are eating machines! Destroying whatever comes their way. Weapons are useless against them – taking on flamethrowers and bombs with ease! The purple minions are evil, they are monsters and they are a perfect Halloween costume idea!

Getting the purple minion look

There are some ready-made purple minion costumes that you can buy and instantly get the look! However, to pull off the costume expertly it’s all in the details. Check out our DIY Purple Minion Costume guide.

Purple Minion Costume finishing touches

  • Crazy purple hair
  • Crazy sharp uneven teeth
  • Black overalls
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves
  • Dangling arms
  • Remember to grunt
  • Purple minions still like bananas!!

Have fun this Halloween in your purple minion costume! Let us know how you get on!