Minion Party Ideas

For kids all across the globe, the Minions craze has taken hold of them truly! The epic characters based on the brilliant Despicable Me movie series have become some of the most popular characters in recent years from a kids TV show. Their humorous personality and style make them incredibly easy to like even for adults, so it’s something that makes a brilliant solution for creating a fantastic kids party based on a Minions theme. If you aren’t sure on how to go about this, here are some simple ideas that you can use to make your Minions party as enjoyable as you possibly can!

Minion Party Ideas

Make up some Minion-style invitations for the guests – you can do this with ease by going to a website called Fiverr. You’ll find people here who can create kids party invitations to an incredible level of quality for just $5. Then you only need to get the design printed – you’ll save a lot of money doing this and you’ll have some awesome Minion style party invitations to get things moving in the right direction!

Another great thing to do is get some printables that you can print out – they can be downloaded and made on your own, or you can buy them online. This can be things like cut-out objects, stickers to go all over the place and things like food wrappings party signs, and even holders and cups. Check the linked image below for some awesome printables!

Minion party hats are a must – it can make the kids look and feel like their favorite characters. Or you could choose to give out minion goggles for a different twist on the party hat. There are also card masks that can be bought and given out to the guests.

Or if you have money to spend… you could buy or create some Minion costumes for everyone! This can make sure that nobody is left out if they don’t turn up in a Minion suit, and you can make sure that your kids can feel just like their favorite characters without having to do too much!

Create some minion themed decorations with relative ease – all you need to do is get some blue streamer and some yellow balloons. Tie it all together and boom! You’ll have access to some brilliant looking decorations to give the place the right color theme and style.

Décor can be made by buying up some yellow balloons and printing out faces of the kid’s favorite minions. Then you only need to cut them out and stick them all over the balloons to make up different characters. Various balloons and other Minion style props exist online too so make sure you look around and see what you can find.

This walking minion balloon would make a great prop for party photos, since it’s about the same size as a kid! You could even create your own minion photobooth with all the props you need!

A simple trick to get the kids eating healthy party food is, along with the other confectionery, have some Minion bananas out there! Since a banana will be peeled anyway, you can stick on some of the faces and dungarees that the Minions wear for a laugh and give everyone a nice and tropical piece of fruit to enjoy if it takes their fancy.

Easy Minion Party Ideas