Minion Costume for Kids

What could be a better costume for kids this year for Halloween? Minion costumes are always going to be a sure favorite with children of all ages! The cute hilarious little yellow creatures are adored by all – just like any kids that wear a minion costume this Halloween! They’re also a really easy choice, so you don’t have to spend forever picking your brain and scouring Pinterest for kids Halloween costume ideas.

Take a peek at some pre-made kids minion costumes below and check out our link to our DIY goggles tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Baby and Toddler Minion Costumes

Baby Minion Dave Costume

A minion costume is the perfect idea for a baby, since they already speak in a similar language and are pretty small.

Crocheted Baby Minion Costume

This crocheted minion costume is absolutely adorable!

Toddler Minion Romper

The minion romper costume comes with Gru’s logo on the front and little padded goggles for the utmost comfort.

Toddler Minion Stuart Costume

This costume and the 2 below are the perfect idea for a family Halloween costume – if you have 3 babies, they could each be dressed as one of the main characters from The Minions movie, with Bob being the smallest!

Toddler Minion Kevin Costume

Toddler Minion Bob Costume

Boy’s Minion Costumes

Minion Costume for Kids

This kids minion costume is a simple and quick outfit for Halloween as it is all one suit with the overalls printed on. It also comes with gloves, hat and goggles!

Boy’s Minion Costume

Here’s another take on a minion costume – if you wear an all black outfit underneath, the yellow minion tabbard will really stand out when trick or treating.

Minion Dracula Costume

For something a little more Halloween inspired, take a look at this dracula minion costume! Who would have thought minions could be scary!?

Purple Minion Costume

Here’s another scary minion costume for you – the infected purple minion, with it’s wild hair and crazy teeth, this would be the perfect costume for a trick or treat session.

Girl’s Minion Costumes

Girl Minion Costume

Some little girl’s might like the idea of being a minion, but may want to wear a dress rather than overalls. It’s not just young children who will enjoy dressing up as a minion, big kids will also find this a fun costume to don this Halloween.

Girl’s Minion Costume for Kids

October is a chilly month, so a trouser overall minion outfit might be a great idea for girls and boys alike!

Making your own minion goggles can be so much fun and it’s definitely something the kids will enjoy doing with you, so why not give it a go?