Men’s Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

Of course, guys, we know you like to do things last minute and you’ll get something sorted for Halloween; but if you are already thinking, then here are some great ideas. You won’t get stuck in the rut of being one of those regular zombies or another Captain Jack Sparrow with our great ideas, perfect for Halloween 2016.

Men's Costume Ideas 2016

Dress up as The Suicide Squad Joker

Since DC’s Suicide Squad has just hit theaters this year, of course, this is going to be a topical costume for Halloween. The Joker is always a good costume to go for, as it’s pretty easy and kind of creepy, so great for this time of year. You don’t have to go topless for this costume, however, as you can get tops which have all of his tattoos printed on and also there’s a great costume which features that purple, patent, crocodile skin jacket!

One of the most popular Joker looks we’ve seen since the Dark Knight movie came out is the loose fitting purple suit, messy green hair and smeared makeup (you may need to raid your mom or girlfriend’s makeup bag for some red lipstick and black eyeliner!) If you fancy revisiting one of the Joker’s more traditional looks then you can get his comic book style costume.

Deadpool Costume

Of course, this guy graced our cinemas this year and makes a perfect idea for your Halloween costume. If you fancy bulking up for Halloween, but maybe don’t have the time (or motivation) then do not fret, you can get a muscle-bound Deadpool costume which does the work for you!

If you’re built and proud, then maybe you’d prefer the skin-tight outfit to showcase your hard work!?
Just make sure you’ve got some of his cheeky quips practised to totally get into the character.

The Mad hatter Costume

In 2016 we’ve seen the second instalment of Tim Burton’s take on Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories. Our favourite Alice Through The Looking Glass character has to be the Mad Hatter, and he makes for a really great and recognizable costume choice.

You’re going to need that all important outfit and hat first of all, and to make your outfit even more authentic, you could add massive eyebrows and the bobbin bandolier. Of course, face paint and a wacky orange wig are a given. You’d be mad not to choose this costume… or to choose it!!!

Gru Costume

Starting out life as a villain, Gru slowly softened to being a super likeable character, but that doesn’t make him any less of a good Halloween costume idea. You could even get some of your friends to dress as Minions!

If you’re already bald, then this outfit is perfect for you; but if you still have a full head of hair, a Gru mask would be a great option. There’s something creepy about masks, don’t you think? So this look is perfect for Halloween. Luckily you can get the whole outfit in one go, including his signature striped scarf.

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

“You know nothing Jon Snow”, but we sure know how to do costumes, and Game of Thrones has been the talk of many this year! HBO’s award-winning series is full of inspiration for costumes and one of our favourites is Jon Snow. If you’re heading out for Halloween, you’re sure to be warm and toasty in Jon’s furry cape! Just make sure you don’t overheat when you’re pulling some moves on the dancefloor.

To get the ‘Snow’ style down to a tee, you’ll need the costume, the hair and that all important look of constant worry on your face. You can get the full Knight’s Watch outfit so you can protect your lady on Halloween night and look manly and rugged while you do it.

The Crow – a classic Halloween costume

This has to be one of the most classic Halloween costume ideas for men because it’s actually pretty creepy. A great costume for goths, as this consists of an all-black outfit and you can even get the mask if you don’t fancy painting your face.

A long sleeved black top and black pants (you can go for leather if you fancy making it more authentic) as well as a long black jacket, is all you need to get your Crow on! A greasy looking wig and a face resembling Kiss with complete your look and you’ll be ready to head out this Halloween.