Marlena Gru Costume

Create Your Own Marlena Gru Costume

If you want a hilarious costume for Halloween this year, why not go for this one. Dressing up as Gru’s mom Marlena is a sure fire way to get some laughs, whether you’re a guy or a girl, dressing up as an old lady is super fun! She has a few looks you could opt for, so here are some of our faves.

The DIY Marlena Gru Costume

Who is Marlena Gru?

As we mentioned above, Marlena is Felonius and Drew’s mom – Mrs Gru. She was once married to Robert Gru, but upon their split, Felonius stayed with her and Drew lived with Robert – this is how the two became estranged, as they were only babies at the time of the divorce.

*FUN FACT* Marlena Gru’s character is voiced by Julie Andrews!

Create a Marlena Gru Halloween Costume

Marlena Gru’s hair & distinguishing features

Marlena’s beehive is a feat of nature, with a lot of height and volume, you’ll have to be ready for a possible balancing act with this hairdo! You’ll need a beehive wig, in grey or white (or you could use some coloured hair spray on a blonde wig to get the same effect. If you wanted to dress as younger Mrs Gru, then you could get a 60s styled brown beehive!

For a hilarious alternative, you could grab yourself a star patterned swimming hat or create your own, just like Marlena wears in the new movie Despicable Me 3.
To look even more like Mrs Gru, you could wear a prosthetic pointed nose and chin!

Dressing up in Marlena Gru’s outfit

Now, there are a few choices when it comes to a Mama Gru costume. You could go for Marlena’s typical purple button-down coat, purple dress and a simple pair of black pumps, or you could try out her karate look, with a plain white karate kit. If you want to get some laughs, then choose her swimming look from the latest movie in a striped red and white swimsuit with blue shorts and starry bathrobe. To get the look perfect, you could wear a red robe and sew felt stars onto it!

If you opt for young Marlena, then choose a spotty vintage styled dress and simple brown flat shoes to go with your brown beehive.

Finishing touches for the BEST costume

You can’t forget those fabulous cat eye glasses which Marlena is not seen without, even when swimming and doing karate, she’ll still have her spectacles on. If you want to make them super perfect, then add some antennae styled pieces to the top on both sides.

Whichever look you go for, you’re bound to look awesome this Halloween!

Easy DIY Marlena Gru Costume