Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume

Create Your Own Lucy Wilde Costume

Lucy Wilde is a firm favorite character in the Despicable Me franchise and will make a fantastic Halloween costume. Plus, as a bonus, her look is not hard to re-create at all!

The DIY Lucy Wilde Costume

Who is Lucy Wilde?

Lucy is a secret agent for the AVL – the Anti Villain League – which is one of the reasons dressing up as her would be so much fun. Not to mention the fact that, by the end of the second movie, she is Gru’s wife and plays adoptive mother to the three girls, Agnes, Edith and Margo – a proper happy little family!

Creating a Lucy Wilde Halloween Costume

Searching high and low on the internet shows that there is currently no official “ready-to-buy” Lucy Wilde costume but luckily it isn’t hard to recreate her look on your own. Lucy wears a long light-blue/turquoise evening dress underneath her long light-blue/turquoise trench coat. She has a very feminine style (not what you would expect from a secret agent) and so her outfits are often completed with a polka dot scarf and white high heels. If you don’t tend to walk well in heels, then some flat white pumps would still look just as good.

One of the most distinctive features of Lucy Wilde is her beautifully styled red hair – with blunt bangs, choppy sides and neat chignon.

Finishing touches: bring along a stick of red lipstick and pretend it’s Lucy’s lipstick Taser!

Couples costume idea: Gru and Lucy Halloween costume

A really cute couple costume would be the Despicable Me 2 combination of Gru and Lucy Wilde. If you wanted to be a bit extra, you could recreate their wedding looks! This would also make a fantastic family costume, where mom is Lucy, Dad is Gru and the kids are the minions or the sisters; Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Easy DIY Lucy Wilde Costume