Introducing Scarlet Overkill

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid what is effectively the entire world of Despicable Me, you’ll have no doubt heard of Minions. This little spin-off movie from the Universal & Illumination collab gives you a look at the Minions themselves and the various hijinks that they will be getting up to. Certain to be full of laughter and great one-liners, this has the potential to be every bit as good as its predecessor; however, this latest movie in the series will be introducing some new characters into the fold.

New Character – Scarlet Overkill

One of the new characters is called Scarlet Overkill and will be voiced by Sandra Bullock. With an absolutely sublime head of hair and an eye for fashion, Overkill is built around her outrageous powerful uppercut which she delivers with relative regularity and a genuine gusto.

The movie takes place at the very beginning of time, as watch our little yellow friends transform and change through the ages, serving their masters as they go. Eventually, with nobody to serve, the minions fall into a listless depression. One of their own number, Kevin, has other ideas; he looks to find a new master for his chums.

As he embarks on a journey with fellow minion Bob as well as teenage angst-addict Stuart, many comedic tales are sure to follow as the movie gets on.

However, the new super-villain of the movie looks set to be one of the most popular characters in the whole series. Hideously charming like a siren, she entraps her enemies with wit and skill. With an equipment list that would make Inspector Gadget very jealous, as well, Scarlet Overkill brings something truly unique to the series.
As well as a chance for the series to bring in a new character, it was a chance for Bullock to take on the rare route of villainy; typically on the side of good in her movies, you can see the change in energy in her performance.

This looks set to be the best of the Despicable Me series so far, building up an incredible list of accolades and titles so far. With the introduction of a new villain, things look likely to hot up even more in the future. New characters are always good to bring into a series, but with a new villain on the rise, it adds a whole new level of intrigue and excitement to the future of Minionkind.