8 Hilarious Costumes For Babies

Number 1: It’s Elvis, baby!

The King of rock-a-bye-baby and roll has left his cradle and is going to get so much attention at the Halloween party. Check out his collar!

For extra attention, add this wig to the get-up – it’s hilarious!


A great costume idea for twins or two babies that are going to the party together is Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. This is another baby costume which uses side-splitting wigs.

Number 3: Footlong BMT, please…

Whoever thought this up is both a genius yet cruel. Poor baby wrapped up in a sandwich wrapper… bet it’s warm though!

Number 4: Who’s been naughty?

This baby jail costume is so cute. Check out the biker tattoos on the arms – don’t mess with this baby!

Number 5: Lobster Baby Halloween Costume

This is so funny! A great costume for taking some photos for the family album. Mom and dad could go as chefs to really complete the family costume look.

Number 6: HOTDOG! Who wants a Hotdog?

Pretty self-explanatory, yeah? This hot dog baby costume is sure to get some laughs.

Number 7: Your Cute Little Minion

Well, you didn’t think we were going to get through a costume list without mentioning a minion costume, did you? Minion costumes for kids of all ages are available – a ready to buy baby minion costume is here.

And our favorite funny baby Halloween costume idea…

Number 8: Taco Baby

Yes, it’s true; someone has created a costume to turn a baby into a taco! Not only is that an amazing idea, it works brilliantly as the baby crawls around. Perfect end to the list!

Halloween is a great time to get the whole family in fancy dress. It always looks great if the family goes as a theme. Hopefully, some of these baby Halloween costumes will give you some inspiration for creating your family theme this year!