Herb Overkill Costume

Create Your Own Herb Overkill Costume

We’ve already told you how to DIY a Scarlet Overkill costume, but what if she needs a date to the fancy dress party? Well, here we tell you how to make your own Herb Overkill costume and it couldn’t be easier!

The DIY Herb Overkill Costume

Who is Herb Overkill?

Herb is the husband of the lady-in-red villain, Scarlet Overkill. He is the brainy inventor behind all of her unique weaponry, creating the laser enlarger and many other weapons and gadgets.

Creating a Herb Overkill Costume

Herb dresses just like a mod with his skinny jeans and fitted blazer, not to mention his haircut which looks just like Liam Gallagher’s. If you’re not willing to cut your hair for the purposes of fancy dress, then do not fret, you can buy a dark brown/black wig which can be easily styled to look just like Herb’s tresses.

Now for the outfit, Herb wears a fitted lilac shirt tucked into his skinny jeans, underneath his (also fitted) pinstripe blazer. This costume isn’t for you if you don’t like tight clothes, as all of Herb’s outfit is rather… figure hugging.

To smarten up his shirt and blazer combo, he sports a skinny black tie, again quite the mod style. Another accessory which will really make the outfit, are the black leather gloves… so you don’t leave any finger-prints. You are the husband of a criminal mastermind you know!

Herb’s drainpipe jeans are topped off with a belt which has an oversized buckle with an H on it. You can easily add the letter H to a plain belt buckle and keep those details which will make your costume awesome!

Last but not least, we have the shoes. Herb wears some pretty great white Chelsea boots which are surprisingly easy to find online.

To really pull out all the stops, you could fashion one of Herb’s crazy weapon inventions… maybe use a plastic soda bottle and make it look like the lava gun, or create something new. Just have fun with it!

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be able to wow your own Scarlet Overkill. Have a great Halloween!

Easy DIY Herb Overkill Costume