Halloween Costume Ideas for Women 2016

When it comes to Halloween, we all want to have the most unique or the quirkiest costume to really stand out in a crowd of witches and barely-there animal costumes. With October gaining on us faster than we’d like to admit, it’s time to start planning your get-up for All Hallow’s Eve.

We’ve got some great suggestions for you here, so get inspired ladies!

Women's Costume Ideas 2016

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Our favourite character from the latest movie from DC has to be Harley Quinn, with her awesome two-tone hair and edgy outfit, you’ll be sure to look great this Halloween. With the release of Suicide Squad this year, there may be a few people going out as Harley, but she has so many looks to choose from, you’ll be sure to look great!

So, the new movie sees Harley Quinn in her ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ tee and red and blue short-shorts. There are full costumes that mean you can get your whole outfit in one go, but make sure you don’t forget your colourful wig to really nail the look.

Harley has a fair few accessories which will really bring your costume to life, so for the extra kudos this Halloween, get your gloves on and grab your Harley Quinn baseball bat!

Just a quick idea for you all; if you have naturally blonde hair, you could use hair chalks to add the colour to your pigtails.

Of course, there are more Harley Quinn looks to choose from; Arkham City Harley has a definite sexy edge, with a skin-tight, red and black outfit. For a more traditional outfit choice, where Harley looks more like her cartoon self, with her black eye mask and jester hat check out this costume.

Dress up as the female Ghostbusters

Another great movie release of 2016 is Ghostbusters, but this time the ladies get a chance to prove just how fearless we can be. This is a definite girl power costume idea and of course, perfect for fighting back any Halloween spooks or ghosties. So don your grey jumpsuit and get your ghostbusting backpack on… oh, and don’t forget your boots!

Of course, if a jumpsuit just isn’t flattering enough for you, then, of course, you can go for the skimpier options, with a little sexy mini dress.

Dress up as Daenerys from Game of Thrones – Mother of Dragons

One of our favourite fictional ladies, with her vast assortment of outfits, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dressing as Daenerys Targaryen. Travelling from place to place, building her army and raising her dragons; Daenerys is a powerful female character and we all secretly want to be her… and want her hair!

Since there are so many outfits, let’s split it into seasons:
In season 1 Daenerys wears her beautiful wedding gown when she joins with Drogo and once she becomes Khaleesi, we see her in traditional Dothraki clothing. (For a bit of Halloween gore, why not dress up like Daenerys in the scene where she is eating a heart, fake blood and all!)

In season 2 she heads to Qarth, where she immediately looks more like a queen (who doesn’t want to look like a queen on Halloween?). Then let battle commence and we see Daenerys in her warrior clothing.

In season 3 blue is truly her colour, wearing a cape and a wraparound dress, this is definitely an iconic Mother of Dragons look.

In season 4 her blue theme continues with a pleated front number with a keyhole top.

In season 5 Daenerys wears elegant white clothing and looks absolutely fabulous.

Any of these looks is a great option for your Halloween night out as you get to look beautiful as well as be completely recognisable!

Of course, there is the costume favorite – a Minion

One of our favorite little characters of all time, and always a great costume to choose are Minions! There are so many costume options when it comes to dressing up like a minion with tons of options for the girls as well as the boys.

You’re going to need yellow face paint to really get into the character and you can’t forget those infamous goggles. Of course, there are women’s minion costumes available which come with all of the accessories, including a plus size option so that ladies of every shape can get their Minion on! If you don’t want to go full on Minion, there are other costumes which are a bit more ‘fashion’ led.

And do you dare dress up as a sexy minion?

Another costume idea inspired by the Despicable Me franchise is Scarlett Overkill!

Scarlett Overkill costume

If you haven’t read our Scarlett Overkill Costume post, then you should head there if this character takes your fancy for Halloween.

This evil but stylish villain is a great choice for fans of the Minions who don’t want to paint their face yellow and wear goggles all night, and such an easy costume to create. There’s a great ready-made costume which makes things super simple, or head to our post to see how best to DIY your costume.

Our last costume recommendation – Poison Ivy

Want to add a bit of sass and character to your costume? Then go for the wonderful Poison Ivy!

As one of the most iconic villains in comic book history, this is a wonderful option to go for. Because she is so popular, you should find it really easy to get authentic and quality PI stuff. This is a costume that is simple enough to pull off, and with so many inspirations and styles, you can have your pick for sure!

Whatever idea you choose to go with this Halloween, make sure you look great and get loads of compliments on your costume. Time to get planning!