Family Costume Ideas 2016

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Families 2016

Whilst it’s summer, it always helps to be extensively planning ahead. As we all get back from our summer holidays and wait for the rest of the year to kick in, future planning is essential. For example, one part of the year that we should all be preparing for is Halloween. This massive event has become far more mainstream in recent years and, as such, unique costumes are in high demand.

If you are trying to come up with good Halloween costume ideas, read ahead. We’ve got some good ideas that will take you away from the soldier/witch/zombie/vampire set. With these ideas, you can finally be a little bit more adventurous!

Family Costume Ideas 2016

Emoji Costumes – Family Idea One

Smiley faces and little characters are so child-friendly, making them perfect for a family Halloween effort. Each of you could take an emoji that best represents you and dress up as it. For example, dad could have a grumpy face, mom could have a happy laughing face and the kids could have cheeky faces. Whatever face you choose, this is a super easy costume choice for a whole family. You could have a crafty day with the kids making these giant face tabards from yellow card and Sharpies or you could simply opt for some emoji masks.

For around $10 for the pack (at time of writing) costumes for the whole family are sorted!

Inside Out Gang Costumes – Family Idea Two

This may have been a hit movie a couple of years ago, but with all of these great characters, Inside Out is a perfect idea for the whole family to get dressed up as these loveable emotions. There’s a character for all of the family with Joy, Disgust and Sadness for the girls and Anger and Fear for the guys.

Joy Costume

This happy character is so fun and easy to create for this Halloween and is perfect for mommy or daughter. With yellow face paint and the perfect wig, you can complete the look instantly.

Mom could wear the adult’s Joy costume:

Or one of the kid’s could dress as Joy:

Disgust Costume

For the sassy one in the family house, there’s Disgust; with her attitude and vintage style, she makes a great costume choice. Again mom or daughter could be this character for Halloween 2016. A 60s styled green wig and a purple neckerchief finish this look perfectly and will make sure your costume is the best! For mom to DIY her costume, all she needs is a vintage styled green dress, some green leggings, purple ballet pumps and green face paint.

Sadness Costume

We think this is a great costume for mom as it’s super comfy and really easy to create. Let’s start from the top with what you’ll need to recreate Sadness’ look; A blue bobbed wig; big, round, black-framed glasses; a large, baggy grey turtle-neck jumper; blue leggings and blue flat shoes. Of course, no costume is complete without face paint. But don’t be sad, because you’ll look awesome!

Anger Costume

Dads and kids alike will enjoy dressing as Anger this Halloween as it’s a great excuse to get some ‘pretend’ rage out while you stay in character. This hot-headed little guy makes a great costume and is pretty easy to recreate. If dad wants to DIY this outfit all he will need is a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of brown slacks, a patterned tie and the all-important red face paint. He could even buy this hat to make the Anger costume even angrier!

Fear Costume

How great is this guy as a costume for Halloween? It’s all about being spooked and scared out of your mind, so Fear is a great emotion costume for this time of year. We think dads would make the perfect Fear with his very clean cut outfit with a striped shirt, golf-style sweater vest, blue slacks, bow tie and lilac face paint. Just don’t get too scared this Halloween!

For those dad’s who are just too cool to dress up, check the Fear “costume” t-shirt:

Despicable Me – Family Costume Idea Three

The movie which is home to some of our absolute favourite characters! Despicable Me 1&2 has some great costume opportunities and with so many to choose from, why not get the whole family in on it?

Gru Costume

This costume is a great one for dads and means that mommy and kids can dress up as little Minions. Get a full Gru get-up including the mask and everyone will know who you are this Halloween. If you’ve already lost your hair, due to the stresses of life (the children), then you are already one step closer to your perfect Halloween costume! All you need are some black pants, a blue-grey sweater and a striped scarf.

Agnes Costume

Little Agnes is a total cutie and the perfect costume for the sweetie-pie in the family. Agnes’s little overalls and striped tee are such an easy costume to find if you don’t have them already, but the whole costume including that little ponytail wig can be bought in one go. Of course, you can’t forget that unicorn that’s “so fluffy I could die!”


Eldest sister of the three, Margot is very protective of her younger siblings and you could say the sensible one; so this is the perfect costume for big sis. This is a super easy look to recreate, as all you need are simple, easy to find clothes. What you’ll need are these items; a brown or khaki blazer, a white shirt, a black tee with a logo, a pleated plaid skirt, red baseball shoes and some simple, square framed glasses. Tie your hair in a simple ponytail and you’re done!

Edith Costume

Middle child Edith has a pretty unique little outfit with her striped sweater and pink hat with ear flaps. If your kids are going out trick or treating, then this outfit is sure to keep them warm in the Fall weather. You can find some clothes just like Edith online and it’s a super easy costume.

Scarlett Overkill

Great for moms, especially if dad dresses up as Herb Overkill and the kids dress up as Minions. We have a great post about dressing up as Scarlett with all of the ideas for your very own DIY.

Herb Overkill

If mom is being Scarlett Overkill then dad has to be Herb, we have a super post about Mr Overkill and how to dress just like him, including a DIY guide.

And of course the Minions!

Our ultimate favourites! These little yellow dudes make such a good costume option, especially for a family. There are costumes for everyone online, for moms, dads, little girls, little boys and toddlers. You’ll be instantly recognisable in those blue overalls and goggles.

Grab yourself a Minion Halloween costume.

Ghostbusters – Family Costume Ideas Four

This year, a new Ghostbusters movie came out which sees the ladies taking their turn to hunt the ghosts. This costume is great for the whole family and there are even some great costumes for the littlest kids; wouldn’t you love to see a cute little Marshmallow Man or Slimer, and even a mini-Ghostbuster? There are some really cool costumes for mom and dad including a fab inflatable backpack. Dad could maybe dress up as the Stay Puft character and the rest of the family can chase him all night; Good luck dad!

Kids have just as much choice when it comes to being a Ghost Buster; boys can dress like the original Ghostbusters with their very own proton pack for zapping ghouls, or they might want to dress as the eerie, but funny Slimer. Girls can opt for the new style of Ghost Buster with the orange striped jumpsuit or for the girly girls, there is a fab Ghostbusters dress!

Now then… who you gonna call?