Emoji Costumes – How to dress up as an Emoji

Dressing up as an Emoji – a funny group costume idea

Everyone is obsessing over these little pictures which allow us to let people know how we’re feeling without even typing a word, so why not show your love by dressing up as your favourite emoji?

Emoji Costume Ideas 2016

Pretty much all of us use emojis and we’ll be drawn to use specific ones more than others – just take a look at your recently used emojis. Halloween is the perfect time of year to pay homage to our favorite emojis by creating a costume. Whether you love smilies or have a thing for the unicorn emoji, there’ll be something for you in this list!


The simple little yellow faces expressing varied emotions are hard to avoid and we all have a go-to face; whether you can’t resist the heart-eye emoji, or you find the simple smiley face does the trick, share your emotions with everyone on Halloween.

There are loads of ways you can create this costume, whether you’re on a budget or fancy splashing out on something pre-made. We love these emoji costumes for a quick and easy idea; the winky face with the stick out tongue is perfect for any cheeky ladies out there and for those who love a good joke, this laughing happy face is great! All you need to do is pop the tabard over any clothes you fancy, but we think a fully black outfit is the best so that the big yellow face stands out.

If you’re short on cash, making a big smiley face out of yellow card and a Sharpie will have the same effect when you stick it onto yourself. Have fun with this one; maybe head out with a bunch of your girlfriends, all with different emojis.

The Poop Emoji costume

Let’s face it. This is everyone’s favorite Emoji. I think most people are still in disbelief that it was even created! Why? However, it has become a standard in text language for many years now putting a smile on everyone’s face. Now you can get those laughs at your Halloween party by being the poop emoji. The kids will love this costume too!

The Monkey Emoji Costume

It’s a classic emoji – it’s cheeky, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkey. A great costume for a group of three – either that or by simply moving your arms you will be able to change between three different costumes.

How to dress up as the Spanish Dancer Emoji

If wearing a giant yellow face just isn’t girly enough for you, then why not bring out your inner señorita and dress as the Spanish dancer emoji? This has to be one of the most simple Halloween costumes ever, with little effort needed to look good at the party.

All you’ll need is a sexy red halter dress that you can swish about and dance the night away. Team this with some red high heels and, if you want to, a wavy brown wig and you’ll look awesome. If you wanted to add more of a hint at who you are, then get some castanets!

Dress up as the Unicorn Emoji

Who doesn’t love the unicorn emoji? We all secretly want to be unicorns, so why not just go for it this Halloween? It’s the perfect excuse to bring out your inner child and spend the night as a unicorn!

There are so many variations of unicorns that you could create whatever look you wanted, but to look more like the emoji, make sure you get a fab pink wig to go with your outfit. Whether you’re set on looking sexy for Halloween or want to be comfortable, you can get the unicorn look and make everyone jealous. Don’t forget to add glitter!!!