Dru Gru Costume – The easy way

Create Your Own Dru Gru Costume

Despicable Me 3 surprised us all by introducing this great new character; Gru’s twin brother Dru! The two could not be more different, like Yin and Yang, which makes for a great duo costume this Halloween! He is a really fun character with some great mannerisms, so if you choose to wear a Dru Gru costume, then make sure you perfect your hair flick!

The DIY Dru Gru Costume

Dressing up like Dru Gru

Dru wears an all-white outfit which means if you’re heading out, you’ll have to be super careful to not spill your drink! Get yourself a white turtleneck sweater and some white skinny leg trousers.

You’ll also need to get yourself a smart white zip-up jacket to complete the clothing side of this costume. Of course, you’ll be needing those finishing touches to make sure you look the best this Halloween.

Dru’s hair

If you fancy yourself with a head of golden locks, then this costume will be right up your street. Get a shoulder length, center-parted wig in a bright blonde colour to really look the part.

You’ll want your wig to be straight with some volume in it to get Dru’s signature style. If your wig is a bit flat, you can do some back-combing at the front and use a LOT of hairspray.

Finishing touches for the BEST costume

As with Gru, there’s a scarf involved in this outfit, a pure white pashmina style scarf. To get the look spot on, double your scarf and then put the loose ends through the loop created to get the wrap style just right. Don’t forget your feet. You’ll need some white boots to go with Dru’s completely white get-up.

You could get the Gru mask since the two are twins, but make sure you paint the eyebrows blonde (or stick a fake moustache over each one) and with the wig and the outfit, you’ll look awesome!

Easy DIY Dru Gru Costume