Dress Up as the Minions from the Movie

You love the Minions, you’ve seen the movie and now Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to dress up as your favourite!

Even though all of the Minions are yellow with goggles and dungarees, the main characters in the movie have their own unique style. Dressing up as a Minion will always entail painting yourself yellow and wearing blue overalls and goggles, but here we give you the low down on how to dress as the stars of the Minions movie.

Dress up as Minion Kevin

What does Kevin look like?

Kevin is the brave and sensible Minion who recruited Stuart and Bob to go on the mission with him, the leader of the pack. He is the tallest of the three, has 2 eyes and a tuft of black hair on the top of his head. Use black pipe cleaners to make stand up hairs and sew them onto a yellow beanie hat. Get yourself a yellow t-shirt and some denim overalls and you are good to go!

Dress up as Minion Stuart

What does Stuart look like?

Stuart is the cool dude of the trio, never seen without his guitar. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a cool dude, then dressing up as Stuart will be perfect for you! He is quite short, has 1 eye and parted black hair on the top of his head. Now, having one eye makes things a little more complicated, as you can’t just wear Minion goggles, you’ll have to create your own. Get a large piping connector from your local DIY store, spray paint it silver and attach an elastic strap. Sew some black wool onto a yellow beanie hat to make Stuart’s curtain hair-do, wear a yellow t-shirt and dungarees and grab your guitar. We suggest maybe making one out of card, or find a novelty inflatable guitar online. Now you are ready to rock as a Minion!

Dress up as Minion Bob

What does Bob look like?

Bob has 2 eyes so you can wear those infamous Minion goggles. Cute little Bob is rarely seen without his teddy bear, Tim. So if you’re going to dress up as him, make sure you don’t forget to carry around a teddy! Little Bob is totally baldy, so just wear a yellow beanie hat, yellow t-shirt and blue overalls. If you can’t find overalls, jeans and blue suspenders (braces) will look just as good. Now if you’ve seen the movie (more than once we bet) you’ll know that Bob became the king of England. If you’re feeling regal, you could don a crown and cape and become… KING BOB! If you’re feeling extra confident, you could even make a moving speech!

Dressing up as Kevin, Stuart and Bob as a group, makes a great Halloween costume for you and your friends! You don’t even have to just stick to these three, go all out and get a troop of Minion friends to a party this Halloween. You will obviously be the best dressed!

There are loads of great Minion costume tutorials on YouTube which will inspire you, even more, to make sure your Halloween costume is amazing!