Dr Nefario Costume

Create Your Own Dr Nefario Costume

This awesome professor is such a great character and he also makes a super recognisable costume. With his lab coat and droopy ears, you can have a lot of fun dressing up as him.

If you perfect your British accent, then you’ll nail the Dr Nefario costume!

The DIY Dr Nefario Costume

The easy DIY Dr Nefario Costume

Dr Nefario’s hair & distinguishing features

Nefario’s hair… or lack of… can be recreated with a bald cap and some tufts of hair. A great costume hack for this would be to get an Uncle Sam beard and sticking it upside down, onto the bald cap!

Of course, you’ll want to nail this costume, so you’ll need a couple of extras. Some key features of Dr Nefario are his pointed nose and his huge ears. Practice your evil, cheeky smile before Halloween and you’ll rock this look.

Dressing up in Dr Nefario’s outfit

Nefario spends pretty much all of his time in the lab inventing and dealing with the minions, so his lab coat is a must for this costume. You’re sure to be comfortable all Halloween with a plain yellow tee, smart lab coat and slightly punky plaid trousers, so you can stay out all night if you want to.

You’ll be needing shoes, so opt for some plain black rain boots or snow boots (hard wearing boots for working in the lab). Another precaution for lab work is of course, some protective eyewear, but not just simple clear goggles, get some vintage styled, steampunk goggles to look the part. Safety is obviously key, as you won’t catch Nefario without his chemical resistant gloves.

Finishing touches for the BEST costume

It’s all in the detail when it comes to perfecting a costume, so you’ll not be able to miss out these little extras.

You might not have noticed in the Despicable Me movies, but he wears a little yellow smiley pin on the lapel of his jacket, so you must add this to your costume!

If you like your costumes with props then grab yourself a Fart Blaster, one of Nefario’s inventions from Despicable Me 2?

In the newest movie, Dr Nefario is actually frozen, so if you wanted a completely up to date costume, then why not add frosty details to your costume?

Easy DIY Dr Nefario Costume