DIY Purple Minion Costume

Create Your Own Purple Minion Costume

Before heading straight to the checkout with a pre-made purple minion costume you should find out if you could produce a better more customized and personal costume for yourself! This page is all about how to make a DIY purple minion costume. A sure hit for Halloween!

The DIY Purple Minion Costume

Who… or What is a Purple Minion?

Purple minions are the evil version of friendly yellow minions – they have been infected by a virus which makes them turn into crazy, monstrous eating machines!

Creating a Purple Minion Costume

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to become a purple minion:

  • Crazy wild purple hair or wig
  • Big silver minion goggles – DIY here
  • Purple tshirt
  • Black overalls / dungarees
  • Purple leggings for girls / women

Let’s do some costume DIY!
First the minion goggles.

There is a whole blog post that goes into the details of creating your own minion goggles. Here we will give you an overview.

Find two rolls of duct tape (empty rolls), these will become the lenses. Use card to create a thick frame. Paint this silver. Add an elastic band to go around your head.
Or, you can skip all the above steps (and all the fun) and purchase a pair of premade minion googles here.

The Purple Minion Outfit

The purple minions wear black overalls and there are a few cost-effective ways to create this look.

1. If you have a pair of black overalls then it can be as easy as finding them in your closet and wearing them! Men will like to wear full length overalls but for women it often adds a bit of style and personalization to your costume to use short leg or even skirt overalls.

2. If you own a pair of black jeans (or black shorts or a black skirt) you may just want to buy some trouser suspenders, to give the effect of an overall. These braces start at around $5 and work perfect for the purple minion costume.

3. Dye a pair of plain denim overalls. Always follow the instructions of the packet, but generally what you will do is fill up a pot of hot water and then pour the dye solution in. Then drop in the denim overalls into the pot and slowly mix. With the pot on the stove keep it on a low heat for about an hour. After an hour, rinse out the overalls and stick them in the washing machine. Then let them air dry

To add the final touches to the overalls add Grus logo.

To create this spray paint a piece of card silver. Cut out a circle 5 – 6 inches wide. Next using an x-acto knife cut out the letter G. Then sticking the circle minus the G shape onto your overalls – centre of the body.

*Cheat* A sticker logo can be bought here.

Other Minion Clothing

To complete the purple minion look a long sleeve purple tshirt should be worn underneath the overalls. If you don’t already own one you can find one here.

Girls may want to wear some purple tights / leggings if they have decided to go for the more feminine short legged or skirt overalls.

Your DIY purple minion costume is now nearly complete!

The hair. Purple minions have wild long purple hair. Girls may just want to mess up their natural hair and forget about the color. Another option is using colored hair spray on your natural hair, the spray cans are available here but you may need more than one can to get good coverage.

For everyone else a wig is needed, these can be pretty inexpensive.

Add some final touches to the costume…
Find yourself some black gloves and don some chunky black boots – any black footwear will do but boots work best!

See the video below for step by step instructions with an added makeup tutorial at the end.

Hope you have fun creating and wearing your homemade DIY Purple Minion costume!

Easy DIY Purple Minion Costume