Create your own DIY Minion Goggles

To complete any minion Halloween costume you are going to need some goggles!

Items you need:

  • 2x roll of duct tape (empty)
  • Sheet of card or foam
  • Length of elastic 12-20 inch (depending on head size)
  • Silver Spray paint
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Let’s begin the creation of your minion goggles.

Find two rolls of duct tape (empty rolls), these will become the goggle’s lenses.

To create the thick frames place the duct tape rolls down flat on a piece of card. Draw around the roll to create a circle around the outside of the roll on to the card. Next use this circle as a guide to measure another circle about a centimetre above this line, and a centimetre below this line. Giving you a 2cm thick frame.

Now to cut out the minion goggle frames. Cut around the outside line to give you a card circle. Careful now… poke some scissors through the center of the circle to cut out the middle, using the inner circle line you drew earlier as your guide. And there you have it, a 2cm thick ring which will become a frame for one of the lenses. Now do this for the other lense. When cutting out it does not need to be perfect, the purple minions are quite rough!

Next, glue these frames to the front of the duct tape roll lenses. A hot glue gun is best.

The next step is adding the color to the goggles (if you didn’t know the minions have silver goggles). Use some silver spray paint for a nice even coat of paint. You are best to do this outside on a bed of newspaper, be careful because the paint can go everywhere if you’re not careful. Remember to spray every side of your goggles.

To keep the goggles on your head you are going to need a strap. A piece of thick black elastic works best. So measure your head and make sure that you cut off the correct amount. It is best to cut just short of what your head measures so that the goggles stay on tight to your head.

Connect this elastic to your minion goggles with a hot glue gun (press and hold until dry) or a powerful stapler can do the trick. Another option is to poke a small hole through the goggles slide the elastic through and tie a knot.

Now you should have a funky pair of homemade DIY minion goggles!
Of course, if you want to skip the fun and go the easy route, you can avoid all the above steps and purchase a pair of premade minion googles.

Here’s another DIY Minion Goggles tutorial you could try if you don’t have empty duct tape rings: