DIY Margo Costume – Oldest Sister from Despicable Me

Create Your Own Margo Costume

Margo is the oldest of the three sisters in Despicable Me. She is a young girl of 11-12 years old but very mature for her age. Being mature doesn’t stop her being fun which is why Margo will make a great Halloween costume idea – especially if you can go in a group as the Despicable Me sisters.

The DIY Margo Costume

Who is Margo?

As we mentioned before, Margo is the eldest out of the sisters, playing big sis to both Edith and Agnes. She is rather sensible, but at heart, she’s just a growing girl with a sarcastic wit and a sensitive heart.

Creating a Margo Halloween Costume

There isn’t a full costume for Margo available to buy online, but it’s super easy to recreate her look with a few items.

Margo’s hair is brown and is tied in a simple ponytail, so if you need a wig, just opt for a simple shoulder-length one and tie it up yourself. Her accessories are rather limited – in fact, all you’ll need are some rectangular-framed glasses.

When it comes to clothing, Margo is always seen in her brown/dark green blazer jacket over the top of a black t-shirt. There have been two different designs on her t-shirt, in Despicable Me 1, it was the Lorax, in Despicable Me 2 it was Wangan-Kun from the Japanese series Bayside Shakedown. A plain black tee will do, but maybe you should try and incorporate some design to the front.

Underneath your black tee, you will need a white shirt or blouse. This is only visible because of the untucked tail of the shirt coming from under the tee, so it’s not important if your blouse doesn’t have a collar.
Another thing she always wears is her blue plaid skirt, some comfy sports socks and some red converse/retro basketball hi-tops.

Can I hear you say easy Halloween costume!?

Margo finishing touches…

Go minimal with the makeup and try and get a smooth natural look – after all, she is only 11 (12 in the second movie) and doesn’t wear makeup at all. Make sure to untuck your white shirt and make sure it is visible from under the t-shirt.

Easy DIY Margo Costume