Despicable Me Gru Costume

Create Your Own Gru Costume

Ready to be the most liked super villain this Halloween? This Gru costume has everything you need – the bald head, Gru’s iconic nose, dark grey suit and signature scarf. This costume is sure to put a few smiles on your friends’ faces!

The DIY Gru Costume

Family or Group Halloween Costume?

The Despicable Me crew would make a great family or group costume idea – with Gru, the minions and the adopted daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes. Mom won’t be left out either since now she can be the agent Lucy Wilde – new mom to the girls and of course, the glamorous wife of Gru!

Getting the Gru look is easy with this pre-made costume, instantly you will have all of Gru’s features including a mask which will give you a Gru nose and Gru eyebrows – a must if you want to dress up and be recognized as this lovable bad guy.

Creating a Gru Halloween Costume

Getting Felonius Gru’s look just right is so easy, you could even find that a lot of the items are in your home, or can be borrowed from a friend or member of the family. Take his black trousers, for example, almost everyone has a pair of these lying around the house.

To get the Despicable Me protagonist completely on point, you’ll also need a dark grey jacket, a black and grey striped scarf and some simple black boots.

To complete the look, you may want to go ahead and buy the Gru mask, but if you aren’t keen on wearing masks, you may want to wear a bald cap and maybe even get some stick on eyebrows, so you can look just like this villain-turned-nice guy!

Easy DIY Gru Costume