Despicable Me 3 Movie Review

It seems like ages since we last heard from the Minions, Gru and the gang, so we were so stoked about the new movie ‘Despicable Me 3’. It hit movie theatres on June 30th and has been making fans laugh ever since.

Our take on the movie

Be warned there are a few spoilers within – if you don’t want anything given away, quickly scroll to the next section.

Our first glance at the trailer did not give too much away about the movie, but we were introduced to one of our most favourite villains EVER!

Balthazar Bratt is one of those guys that you love to hate, his 80s getup and signature styling definitely makes him one of the more colorful characters in the Despicable Me series. Throughout the movie, Bratt is trying his best to steal the most expensive diamond in the world, but Gru does not want this to happen. He plots ways in which he can stop Bratt from getting what he wants.

Bratt has been aptly named, as his character is an ex child star who still believes his show should have never been cancelled, so he acts like a spoilt brat!

Our favourite Balthazar moment was his exit after stealing the diamond. Keep your eyes peeled for it when you go to see the movie!

Gru discovers he has a twin brother from which he has been separated since he was very young. Drew (said twin brother) sends his butler to find Gru and ask for his assistance after their father died.

The pair are polar opposites, Gru with his grumpy demeanor and dark clothing and Drew with his flaxon hair(!!!) and fun-loving attitude. Despite this however, the two get on like a house on fire and have some great times together.

Drew’s character is a little mischievous and takes a shine to Edith, who previously doesn’t seem to have had many lines. This movie sees her with more to say than the first or second movie.

A really sweet aspect to the story is Lucy striving to be a better mum to Margot, X and X, as she comes to understand when to put her foot down and when to stand up for the girls. You can see her trying hard to win their affection and I think this might ring true to any mother stepping in for the real thing.

In this movie, Lucy Wilde is not only Gru’s wife, but his partner at the agency too, so she helps him to get the diamond out of the clutches of Balthazar. The first trailer for this movie is in essence the introductory scene, showing Bratt as he makes his move onto a ship which is transporting the rare diamond. You see Lucy and Gru heading towards the ship to catch Bratt in the act. The rest of the movie may not actually run as you might expect from the original trailer.

Minions – our favourite!

Those lovable Minions of course appear in this movie for the slap-stick laughs and random scenes. Our favourite being their impromptu performance on a TV talent show. You’ll laugh so hard when you see where the minions’ escapades take them!

Our review

This latest movie in the despicable me franchise does not disappoint! It has possibly the best villain yet. There’s lots of gags. The minions are cute and have there own little story within to keep everyone happy.

It won’t fail a family trip to the cinema – and it’s not a bad choice for a date movie either. Easy to watch and you’re going to have a laugh.

If you want to know more about the storyline then we definitely recommend you head to your nearest theatre to see this awesome movie!