The Easy DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume

Create Your Own Balthazar Bratt Costume

If you’ve seen the third Despicable Me movie, you’ll know all about Balthazar Bratt and no doubt you’ll be thinking “what an epic costume idea!”. So of course, we’re here to bring you all of the steps needed to create your costume in order to dress up as this new Despicable Me villain.

The DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume

If DIY isn’t your thing, you could always opt for buying the ready-made adult Balthazar Bratt costume (or kid’s Balthazar Bratt costume if you need).

Creating a Balthazar Bratt Costume

The Balthazar Bratt DIY costume is easy. No sewing is needed if you don’t want to customize the items – plus you may even have already some of the items in your house.

Balthazar’s hair

We have to start with that… unique hair-do this 80s revivalist is sporting. There is no business about that style; it’s all party, in the front and back!

To get this eye-catching look, you’ll need a black wig and a whole load of hair gel and hairspray. Spike up the whole top section to the highest you can get it, then slick back those sides. Leave the length at the back straight and you’re done.

Or if you want a ready-made mullet wig, then there are plenty to choose from online.

Of course, you’ll need that moustache to go with the mullet, to get the real Balthazar vibe. With a bit of backcombing at the sides, you’ll be sporting crazy facial hair in no time.

You can actually get a wig set which includes some crazy eyebrows, as well as the styled wig and moustache!

Dressing up in Balthazar Bratt’s outfit

Now on to that groovy 80’s costume. You might be able to borrow a white turtleneck off your dad or grandpa, but you’ll want to make sure it’s fitted to get the 80s look.

Pop on a purple jacket and matching trousers to finish the main part of the outfit.

Of course, you might want to add those unavoidable shoulder pads which you can create using some craft foam, an electric carving knife and some matching purple fabric to cover the foam. These pointy pads can be glued or sewn onto the shoulders of the jacket and you’ll be Balthazar Bratt in no time.

To create the retro trousers, you could find some knee length socks to pull over the pants and bunch them up; just make sure the purple is the same (or close to) the trouser colour.

Finishing touches for the BEST costume

For the full 80s feel, get yourself some white loafers and leather fingerless gloves.

Your outfit is complete! But if you fancy being the real deal down to the finest detail, then grab yourself a keytar and red guitar strap.

You’ll be sure to get some laughs and definitely be recognized. Have your friends dress up as Scarlet Overkill, Gru, Agent Lucy Wilde and Minions, for a great themed night out.

You’ll have to get your 80s groove on and learn a few of Balthazar’s moves to really get into the character, but the most important thing is to have fun.

Oh yes, don’t forget to skill up on your 80’s style dancing and bring some pink bubblegum!

Easy DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume