The minions are a hit, this year and for many years to come! Loved and instantly recognized by people of all ages – an adult minion costume is sure to get a few laughs, smiles and fantastic comments at your fancy dress/Halloween party! Who would have thought that being bright yellow and wearing overalls and goggles could be so cool!?

Check out some of these amazing Minion costumes below. There’s something for absolutely everyone, so you and your whole family could make this Halloween into a Minion Halloween.

Mens’s Minion Costumes

Adult Minion Costume Inflatables

This has to be the most hilarious of the adult minion costumes – you’re sure to stir up some laughs in an inflatable Halloween costume.

Adult Minion Costume for Men

A minion costume makes a super easy choice for a guy and there are plenty of men’s minion costumes available online.

Minion Dave Costume

If you want to be specific, you could choose which minion you want to dress up as.

Men’s Plus Size Minion Costume

Guy’s, you don’t have to miss out if the regular men’s sizes don’t fit – this plus sized costume is here to save the day (or the costume party).

Women’s Minion Costumes

Adult Minion Costume for Women

Of course, there’s nothing stopping a lady dressing up in a typiical minion outfit with trouser overalls, but if you want a women’s minion costume, you can get those too! Keep things feminine with a bibbed skirt or go for something a little less costume-y like this hooded tank dress.

Women’s Plus Size Minion Costume

Sometimes “one size” costumes just don’t suit all body types, so this plus size minion costume is perfect for those ladies who have curves in all the right places.

Sexy Minion Costume

Sexy Minion Costume

It might be better suited to some, to opt for a more sexy costume – after all, there is a rumor that Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress in less items of clothing than normal… so why not dress like a sexy minion?

Great adult Halloween costume ideas are – fun, don’t get in the way of the party, easy to wear and work great in groups. Adult minion costumes are all these things! The costumes are very affordable, easy to wear and ready for the party.

Sometimes it’s more fun to make your costume – don’t you think there’s something nice about taking the time to create an awesome DIY costume? Plus, you can make everything personalized to your body, so it fits perfectly, is comfortable and looks awesome!

If yellow just isn’t your color, you might want to opt for a purple minion costume instead. Dressing like a purple minion could not be easier and we have a guide here to help you out!