9 Reasons Why Minions are Awesome!

Here is a list of why Minions really rule the world. They are some of the most awesome character creations ever. They have some of the best movies ever to just make you feel good.

1-Minions always know how to have fun. They always know how to smile and laugh and this rubs off on the world making it a better place.

2-Minions have an awesome language! Minions seem to always get their point across. They may speak a bit fast and mostly in the language of rubbish but everyone seems to understand them.

3-Minions have an awesome uniform! They wear goggles and overalls which always match their yellow colored bodies. They all look the same but it looks so cool in a big group.

4-Minions are awesome workers! They are some of the most efficient workers and they seem to have unlimited energy. They can fix just about anything and are very resourceful in finding lots of helpers when they need to.

5-Minions work for the bad guy so it always makes them more interesting. Crooks are fun to watch and the Minions helping them is always fun.

6-Minions look like Twinkies. This is awesome because everybody loves Twinkies and this make the Minions like Kevin and Stuart look really cool. A talking Twinkie how cool is that.

7-Minions are great at singing- Minions have some of the highest pitched sounds you could ever listen to. Listening to them sing is just a lot of fun and think how cool it would be to hang out and sing with them. Their funny sounds are really amusing so have fun singing with minions.

8-Aside from seeming to always have fun the Minions seem to really know how to party. With their goofy and gibberish sounding voices, the Minions always create fun at a party and really know how to break the ice. This is why they rule because if you are at a party with a Minion you are going to always have fun.

9-Minions can become your best friend by doing all your tedious chores you don’t want to do. They seem to be very skilled at housekeeping and other routine things around the house. I don’t think they would ever get bored helping you. These goggle and overall wearing hard workers seem to be the perfect sidekick for anybody around the house.