10 Pet Costumes You Have to See

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Halloween isn’t just for humans, as these pictures will prove you can have a lot of fun making costumes for pets. Of course, there are plenty of pet costumes available to buy online, but it could be fun to try DIYing your own dog or cat Halloween costumes. These are hilarious! (You don’t want to miss out bonus 11th costume)

Number 1: Minions
You know you’ve always wanted some little minions of your own – so here’s a MINION DOG COSTUME! It had to take first place, because we love those little yellow creatures, and we love this dog Halloween costume.

Number 2: Winnie the Pooh
Oh bother, it’s a Winnie the Pooh Bear dog costume. If you have more than one fur baby, you might want to grab a Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger costume too!

Number 3: Pumpkin Delivery
“We” gotta pressie for ya! – We can’t get over how cute this pumpkin carrying dog is… I mean…

Number 4: Walter White
We can’t stop laughing at this Breaking Bad cat costume, that little stick on beard and the oversized specs are sheer genius – you go George the Kat!

Number 5: Marilyn Monroe
Happy Birthday Mr President! We don’t know how Marilyn would feel seeing a Frenchie dressed in one of her iconic outfits… cleavage and all – but it’s pretty brilliant don’t you think!

Number 6: Hot Dog
You may have heard of a sausage dog, but what about a hot dog… dog? This little cutie looks pretty comfy in his food-based outfit – we’re surprised he hasn’t tried to eat himself!

Number 7: Singer
Who would love if their doggy serenaded them? We would for sure, just as long as it wasn’t a long song, haha!

Number 8: Dinosaur
When Jurassic Park movies are your favorite, you might want to get this dinosaur dog costume for your furry friend and recreate the epic movie scenes at home!

Number 9: Knight
Arise Sir Barks, the citizens of Woofalot need you to fight off the fiery dragon that has been terrorising the village!

Number 10: The Incredible Hulk
You won’t like me when I’m angry! But we love our dogs all the time, even when they’re in the Incredible Hulk Marvel costume. Comic book character costumes are fun for the whole family – including the 4-legged members.

BONUS Number 11: Lobster
Two words, Lobster… Llama! It’s not just cats and dogs that get to dress up for Halloween you know!?

Go on get creative and have some fun this year with some Halloween costumes for your pets!