If you are looking for fantastic ideas for your Minion Halloween costume, you are in the right place! We have ready to buy minion costumes and a whole site full of inspiration and costume ideas for adults and kids.

Why you should dress up in a Despicable Me Minion Costume at your party.

The Despicable Me movies are renowned family movies loved by kids and adults alike. So, when it comes to Halloween costumes, a minion Halloween costume is going to be hugely popular for trick or treating or for your fancy dress party!

The Minions and Despicable Me characters are a great group costume idea! The characters are recognized and are suitable for all ages from kids, to teenagers all the way to adults – there is a character for everyone.

For kids, a minion costume is just adorable! The small yellow creatures are just so cute and seeing your child enjoying Halloween dressed as a minion is going to make everyone ‘Happy’ (just like the Despicable Me soundtrack). Why not be a little different and dress up in an evil purple minion costume – it is Halloween after all. If you have a little girl we have the sisters in Despicable Me, Edith, Margo and Agnes costumes which are all super cute and quite easy to put together.

Minions make a great Halloween costume idea for adults too, but if the full family is dressing up, the kids should be the minions and the child characters – the adults have a load of other great characters to dress up as. The bad guy we learn to love and the leader of the minions, Gru. Gru is a fantastic costume idea with a very distinguishable look. Alongside Gru we should have a Vector costume, the bad guy we love to hate! With his orange tracksuit and a whole lot of gadgets that should be a real fun party. Adults will get a laugh and the children will look adorable.

When it comes down to a minion Halloween costume you have two choices, buying minions costumes or making your own. Either way is fairly easy, creating your own minion costume is a little more time consuming but it will be unique and will add to the fun.

A Quick guide to a despicable me or minion Halloween costume

You can easily dress yourself or the kids in a minion Halloween costume in the following ways:

Minion Costume

It doesn’t take much to make a minion Halloween costume. All you need is a yellow t-shirt, a blue or denim pair of bib overalls, yellow face paint, and a pair of big minion goggles. Then you or the kids can be any one of those cute little yellow guys! We have a selection of ready to buy minion Halloween costumes for adults, kids or babies here.

Evil Purple Minion Costume

It’s Halloween, so why not dress up in an evil purple minion costume. The purple minion is a great costume idea for adults and kids. There is a selection of ready to buy evil purple minion costumes or why not try to create your own?

Scarlet Overkill Costume

For Halloween, Scarlet Overkill is a great costume idea for women. Dress up as Scarlet Overkill easily with our how-to guide. This villain from the Minions spin-off movie is a unique idea as well as being super fun. A great group costume idea would be to go as Scarlet and Herb Overkill alongside a few minions.

Gru Costume

To dress as up as Gru, all you need is some black pants, a gray shirt, a gray scarf and shoes then the clothing for your Gru costume is complete. To really add some fun to your costume you will need a Gru mask or at least a Gru nose.

Vector Costume

– If you want to be Vector, you need an orange tracksuit, some thick-framed glasses and some fake hair to make his bowl style hairdo. View the Vector costume here.

Minion Goggles

A pair of minion goggles is a must if you would like to be instantly recognizable in your costume. There are a bunch of goggles ready to buy. For more information on where to buy or how to make your own check out our minion goggles page.

The Despicable Me Sisters Costumes

The costumes for the sisters in Despicable Me are all outlined on our Despicable Me costume page.
To dress up in a Margo, Edith or Agnes costume it is all about finding the right clothes, not necessary a costume per se.