The Minions Movie Review

Reviewing The Minions Movie

We all know who the Minions are, they are everywhere! The loveable characters from the popular Despicable Me movies were an instant hit, so much so, they got their own movie!

Minions Movie PosterIt was hard not to notice that these lovable yellow creatures had got their own movie. The movie was advertised on television, on every billboard and there was merchandise in every shop. I bought my ticket, sat down in the cinema and it wasn’t long before I was laughing and giggling at those strangely adorable creatures, it’s a brilliant movie!

This movie is a prequel to the Despicable Me movies we know and love. The beginning shows a brief history of the Minions, starting right from the beginning of time. They have always followed the bad guys; from the strongest single cells, to the tyrannosaurus rex, to the lead cave man! A series of funny scenes introduce the Minions and make them even more likeable than ever, as they fumble around trying hard to help their bosses!

The Minions are never happier than when they are helping out a bad guy (or eating “bananaaas”!!! ) Unfortunately, they struggle to find a suitable master and end up in a bit of a depression, with no one to idolise. Three of the crazy yellow creatures set off on a mission to find their next villain to follow with hilarious and dramatic consequences. Lead by Kevin, he, Stuart and Bob end up coming across a super villainess, Scarlet Overkill; a sassy evil genius with a stylish edge. The trio are in awe as she recruits them to help her and her husband, Herb, to take over the world! Scarlet is a funky, fashionable, femme fatale with one heck of an attitude. Her dreams of being a princess followed her through into adult life, leading her, and the Minions, to London, where some of the most fabulous jewels are just waiting to be stolen.

This movie will be a family HIT! Adults and children alike were all laughing as Bob does his speech and everyone was on the edge of their seats during a dramatic fight sequence.
I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. It’s a great trip out for the kids and will keep them occupied for the whole one hour and 44 minutes, even the credits see Kevin, Stuart and Bob up to their usual antics!

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Minions. I think that we could be set to expect a second and maybe even a third movie, if not a television series dedicated to those funny little yellow, goggle wearing, blue overall clad creatures! I can’t wait!