Vector Costume

Vector Despicable Me Costume

Vector is the most iconic villain from the Despicable Me movies. Being instantly recognizable means that Vector is a great Halloween costume – especially as part of a group!

Vector Despicable Me Costume

Now to get the look… Vector is such a geek, he is iconically a geek.

He has a bowl hair cut, thick framed glasses and an orange jogging suit. Once you get these three elements bought your costume is complete.

The Best Wig for Vector

Get this bowl cut wig

Thick cut geeky glasses

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Vector’s Orange Tracksuit

Get Vector’s tracksuit top

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Final Touches

Vector is rich, spoiled but has one great bachelor pad and a whole load of cool gadgets to go along with it. Why not add a few of these gadgets to your costume to complete the look? Check out this fart gun.

Another final touch to this costume is some classic white training shoes which will be found in most people’s wardrobes anyways! This is one easy Halloween costume that can be put together last minute and yet with the minimum effort is still going to bring impact. Instantly recognized at your party as the Super Villain Vector from the Despicable Me movies!

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Complete the Look with Vector’s orange tracksuit.


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