Purple Minion Costume

Purple Minion Costume

Thinking of dressing up as a minion this Halloween? Well look no further, Halloween should be scary and evil which is why you need the Purple Minion Costume.

The purple minions are the evil and destructive minions that exist due to the cute yellow minions becoming infected with the PX-41 Virus.

This kids Purple Minion Costume is a super easy and affordable costume option this year. It is an over the head foam tunic which instantly gives recognition of the evil purple minions. The purple minion is a great Halloween idea, working great as a standalone costume or works great for a family / groups that want a costume theme.

(Trousers not included – wear plain black trousers to complete the look).

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About Purple Minions

The evil purple minion is in fact a cute yellow minion which is mutated from being infected by the PX-41 serum.

Once infected, the minions then turn purple, grow long frizzy purple hair, their arms grow long and they gain an evil looking smile with crooked sharp teeth. The purple minion is an evil being, they turn aggressive and destructive and lose the cute ‘minion talk’ opting to growl and scream.

Evil Purple Minions are dangerous! They are immune to weapons such as flameflowers and bombs with a one track mind to destroy and eat whatever that might come their way.

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