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Despicable Me 3 – Movie Review

It seems like ages since we last heard from the Minions, Gru and the gang, so we were so stoked about the new movie ‘Despicable Me 3’. It hit movie theaters on June 30th and has been making fans laugh ever since. Our take on Despicable Me 3 Be warned there are a few spoilers […]

Despicable Me 3 News!

We’ve been waiting for the new Despicable Me movie for what seems like ages, so we’re so pleased to have seen the awesome new trailer for Despicable Me 3! With some new characters added to the lineup and some hilarious moments ready to make us all laugh like idiots, we can’t WAIT! When is the […]

Men’s Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

Of course, guys, we know you like to do things last minute and you’ll get something sorted for Halloween; but if you are already thinking, then here are some great ideas. You won’t get stuck in the rut of being one of those regular zombies or another Captain Jack Sparrow with our great ideas, perfect […]

Emoji Costumes – How to dress up as an Emoji

Dressing up as Emoji – a funny group costume idea Everyone is obsessing over these little pictures which allow us to let people know how we’re feeling without even typing a word, so why not show your love by dressing up as your favourite emoji? Smilies The simple little yellow faces expressing varied emotions are […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women 2016

When it comes to Halloween, we all want to have the most unique or the quirkiest costume to really stand out in a crowd of witches and barely there animal costumes. With October gaining on us faster than we’d like to admit, it’s time to start planning your get-up for 2016 All Hallow’s Eve. We’ve […]

Family Costume Ideas 2016

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Families 2016 Whilst it’s summer, it always helps to be extensively planning ahead. As we all get back from our summer holidays and wait for the rest of the year to kick in, future planning is essential. For example, one part of the year that we should all be preparing […]

The 5 Best Minion Toys

Minions, as you may have realized, is one of the biggest names out there these days. It’s the latest kid’s craze that everyone can enjoy and has become a hit for adults as well as children all across the globe. When you see it, though, it’s very easy to see why it’s just so popular […]

Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

2015 has seen the release of some really great movies and movies are a great place to get costume ideas from. Halloween is just around the corner and we all know you love to dress up, who doesn’t?! Here’s our top picks to help you decide: Widgets Costume Ideas Minions Halloween Costume As you […]

The Minions Movie Review

Reviewing The Minions Movie We all know who the Minions are, they are everywhere! The loveable characters from the popular Despicable Me movies were an instant hit, so much so, they got their own movie! It was hard not to notice that these lovable yellow creatures had got their own movie. The movie was advertised […]

The 5 Best Animated Movies

The Best Animated Movies for Kids For many people, the world of entertainment when using the real world just isn’t fun enough – some of us prefer something a little bit more daring! If you prefer your movies to be the work of total fiction and fantasy then you absolutely need to check out the […]