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Herb Overkill Costume

We’ve already told you how to DIY a Scarlet Overkill costume, but what if she needs a date to the fancy dress party? Well, here we tell you how to make your own Herb Overkill costume and it couldn’t be easier! Widgets Herb is a great character in the Minions movie. He is Scarlet […]

The Minions Movie Review

Reviewing The Minions Movie We all know who the Minions are, they are everywhere! The loveable characters from the popular Despicable Me movies were an instant hit, so much so, they got their own movie! It was hard not to notice that these lovable yellow creatures had got their own movie. The movie was advertised […]

The 5 Best Animated Movies

The Best Animated Movies for Kids For many people, the world of entertainment when using the real world just isn’t fun enough – some of us prefer something a little bit more daring! If you prefer your movies to be the work of total fiction and fantasy then you absolutely need to check out the […]

9 Reasons Why Minions are Awesome!

Here is a list of why Minions really rule the world. They are some of the most awesome character creations ever. They have some of the best movies ever to just make you feel good. 1-Minions always know how to have fun. They always know how to smile and laugh and this rubs off on […]

Minion Party Ideas

For kids all across the globe, the Minions craze has taken hold of them truly! The epic characters based in the brilliant Despicable Me movie series have become some of the most popular characters in recent years from a kids TV show. Their humorous personality and style make them an incredibly easy like even for […]

Scarlet Overkill Costume

A DIY costume for the new Minions character Scarlet Overkill. With the release of the new Minions move in 2015 there is no better time to think about Despicable Me themed party and costumes. The newest most iconic character of the new movie Scarlet Overkill is going to provide you with all the traits of […]

Introducing Scarlet Overkill

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid what is effectively the entire world of Despicable Me, you’ll have no doubt heard of Minions. This little spin-off movie from the Universal & Illumination collab gives you a look at the Minions themselves and the various hijinks that they will be getting up to. Certain to be full […]

Minion Movie Super Bowl Advert

With the new minion prequel coming up the guys at Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have decided to run an advert during the super bowl! Check out the super funny ad that is just getting us more and more excited for the new movie coming this summer! The adorable little minions are going to be […]

The Official Trailer for New Minion Movie

Its coming…. it’s getting closer! And to get even more excited about the new minion movie here is the official trailer for the prequel of the Despicable Me films.

The WORST Halloween costume idea ever!

Could this be the worst Halloween costume idea ever!? I’m not sure whether to be amazed by the originality and strange brilliance – or be overcome by the shoddy workmanship and lame ‘dad-joke’ pun! What do you guys think?? Haha, any one going as Chicken Cord on Blue this year for Halloween? Dare you! 😉